New York to Sitka and everything in between

It took over a year for the bones to heal and then I had to work the muscles and joints, and get my confidence back in my ability to travel to the other side of the world on my own.

I’m back baby!

First stop New York, followed by:

  • New York (shows, history, people, food)
  • Chicago (architecture, photography)
  • Seattle (Pike Place Markets, food, views)
  • Calgary (dinosaurs, views)
  • Banff (views, mountains, wildlife)
  • Jasper (views, mountains, wildlife)
  • Moraine Lake (views, mountains, wildlife)
  • Anchorage (first stop in Alaska)
  • Denali (views, mountain, wildlife)
  • Fairbanks (northern lights)
  • Juneau (start of my Un-Cruise)
  • Sitka (end of my Un-Cruise)
  • and then Sitka, Ketchikan, Seattle, San Francisco, Sydney (my very (very) long flight home)

I will be blogging on this new site (because the old one closed down) and will post it on Facebook whenever I get a chance.

This post is just me setting up to go (and to learn a new format) so you won’t see any more posts (on Facebook) until it’s go time.


2 thoughts on “New York to Sitka and everything in between

    1. Thanks Trish! Tried to friend you in FB the other day so I could find out how Pinkie did at the big show but couldn’t make it work 😦

      I’ll see you in a couple of months 🙂



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