But this is the airport – I’ve already seen it…

(Prize for the person that names the movie that quote is from)

So thus far, the trip is not what I expected…
Got to the airport early yesterday (thanks for the drop out off Jules) and was already on the train when I got the text the plane was delayed an hour. No problem, I’ll just find somewhere sunny to while away the time.

Hipster breakfast consumed (coddled eggs and a watermelon/raspberry juice) and it was off to the gate. 

Bye Sydney

All up, the plane didn’t take off until about 2pm, normal takeoff but we didn’t really ascend very far. Didn’t think much of it until the flight officer came over the speakers telling everyone “everything is absolutely normal – there’s nothing whatsoever to worry about”. Now, call me cynical, but that’s a bit of a red flag….

20 minutes later and we went up the food chain – the captain came on, same spiel but there’s this small issue with the flaps… nothing to worry about… safety first… returning to Sydney… need to jettison fuel…. checklists….

Hmmmm 3 hours later and after an extensive (and expensive, at least for Qantas) tour of the waters outside Wollongong, we managed a very bumpy and fast landing back in Sydney. 

Our detailed tour of the waters off Wollongong

They deplaned us in sections and, being in the last 10 rows, it was quite a while before I saw the back of the plane. 

And then the queueing began… first to get a hotel voucher… then customs (yes, while technically I didn’t actually leave Australia I still had to go through all the shit that pertains to landing in a country)… then baggage claim… then bio security… then for the bus… then check in at the hotel… aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!

A bunch of people “united in trauma” met at the bar and proceeded to blow their vouchers on booze – including me. No food since breakfast made me a very cheap drunk though.  Safety trumps food so we weren’t fed on the plane except for a Lindt Ball and a bottle of water.

Qantas were actually really good to us – bus to and from the hotel, nice hotel (Pullman Olympic Park). A $50 voucher for food at the hotel and then another $15 voucher at check in this morning (yes, another bloody queue!). 

Fingers crossed we actually make it today so I only lose one day in New York.

View from my bedroom window

Steps counted: 6,500 

Distance travelled: seemed like to the moon and back!


2 thoughts on “But this is the airport – I’ve already seen it…

  1. Oh Anna I wondered if one of the two planes that returned was yours ….. now given the reason you are on this trip, best to get rid of any little hiccups right from the start I think. Hope you don’t miss too much of NY ❤️


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