Just how many movies can you watch in one go…

So, contrary to all prior indications, I made it to New York!

Bus picked us up from the Pullman Hotel at 7am and we were off!  The time it took as to get to the airport roughly equalled the time it took to get the last 3kms and then it was the queueing again… queue for check in, along with 430 other people arriving at roughly the same time (buses remember?), queue for security (at least this time I remembered to take off my Fitbit and bracelet – no more awkward pat downs…), queue for customs and then wait. Qantas gave us another $15 voucher for breakfast so, even though I drank my $50 voucher the night before, I still got fed. 🙂

Although it turned out that they tried to charge my drinks to someone else I was sitting with so I still had my $50 voucher in the morning… of course I didn’t find this out until after I got on the bus (not that I would have taken advantage… honest). 

We were delayed again but we were in the air before 12:30 (the time that the Dallas plane takes off). For a while there I though we were going to have to drag the other plane off to see who would get to Dallas first!

Same seat, same neighbours, same crew, but, you will be pleased to note, different plane…

View from my bedroom window

Uneventful, loooonnnnngggg, little bit bumpy in parts, but just like any other plane ride really, without the whole dumping of jet fuel and continuous left hand turns. 

Passed the time with movies and tv shows and the pretence of sleep.  Unfortunately I had a tricky seat and if I leaned back in it, it would suddenly drop about 3 inches. Steward tried to fix it but no go – I was thisclose to having words with the guy behind me because he thought I was doing it deliberately…

Landed in Dallas and was able to get a boarding pass for the New York flight (I couldn’t get one in Sydney for some reason) and then it was a trip on the Sky Rail and onto an American Airlines flight to LGA (so all my info about how to get to my hotel from JFK was basically useless…). 

When these guys tell you to “hold on” – you better listen!

I was very impressed with the AA entertainment system- very responsive unlike the ‘touch it six times to make it play’ Qantas and it also had new releases and stuff I wanted to see. It actually had more choice on a domestic flight than Qantas had on a 15 hour international flight and was a lot easier to use…

A quick shuttle ride (which I was very impressed with myself for doing on no sleep) and we’re on Manhattan and I’m at my hotel (others very jealous – right in the middle of everything). Dinner at 10:30pm at a local diner and then straight to bed.  Can’t remember falling asleep so it must have been fast. 

Steps walked: 6,000

Distance travelled: 16,000 kms


One thought on “Just how many movies can you watch in one go…

  1. Ohhhh NY, give her a BIG hug from me …
    Yes the crew would have been very happy getting an extra day off due to no flying hours accrued.


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