Lord what fools these mortals be

So it rained yesterday, no, not rained, poured. So a perfect time for my already booked, can’t be moved or cancelled walking tour of NYC…

You know how New York was built in a swamp?  This very much comes to mind as the city slowly filled up with water – puddles, rivers and waterfalls everywhere – particularly where the gutters haven’t worked. 

It was all good – gave a different light to the city – it glistened and looked very green.  Of course my sneakers weren’t as happy – still damp today but should be good by tomorrow. 

Central Park, green and empty due to the rain

From Central Park we went up to the World Trade Centre and then on to the financial district. We got out of the rain for a bit in the Federal Building which was beautiful – the old customs house for the entire NYC. 

Federal Building cupola

And then Little Italy, Soho, Noho, Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown, the Courts, the Village and everything in between. It is very much a whistle stop tour while dodging puddles and lakes and criss crossing the city via subway which have some fantastic artwork.  We even went to the end of a line and stayed in the subway as it turned round – we went through the old City Hall station that’s been abandoned for years – gorgeousness!

Squishing through the rain on the way back to the hotel I had an impulse to stop in at the Chicago theatre and see if I could get a ticket for that night. I could, so I did. 

I went back to the hotel and towelled off and then dropped in to Juniors for dinner (a Reuben) and then up to the theatre. You could see all three destinations (hotel, dinner, theatre) from each other so I didn’t bother with an umbrella and only got a little wet. 

Steps taken: 21,000

Distance travelled: about 30kms – we did a few subway trips)

And then today started early

I set the alarm for 6am and was out the door by 7am. After turning around a little bit and getting corrected by a nice New Yorker, I took the C train to 81st and into the Park to queue for tickets to Shakespeare in the Park. I was there at 7:30am and 150 people had got there before me! 

I tell you, there is an opportunity there – after about an hour I would have paid a fortune for a deck chair. Plus I got on at a little subway – no shops so no breakfast. Finally found a pretzel place in the park (if your ‘neighbours minded your spot and you didn’t leave the park, you were good). Of course after that, started to see a couple of deli delivery guys delivering food to the line – cycling down calling out names as they went. Very entrepreneurial!

About 11:45 they made every pack up and form a line and after a bit of a wait and some nerves (I would have been mad if I’d queued for 4 1/2 hours and not got a ticket) but whew, I did!  

I thought I’d go back to the hotel but got on a C train instead of a B train and so got a bit lost. Saw a whole bunch of food trucks and got lunch where the New Yorkers eat – bit bland actually but never mind. 

Hotel and a quick round of laundry later I walked round the block and picked up one if those hop in hop off buses and did a tour of up town.  It was a beautiful afternoon and apart from the occasional shouts of “Duck!” from the guide, it was a gorgeous day to be on top of an open bus. 

I have the ticket for another day so there’s tomorrow’s plan, along with a little harbour tour. 
But on with the show!

Left the hotel and, old hand me, retraced my steps from this morning.  Got to the theatre, which s the open air one in the park and bought a sandwich for dinner and sat in a rock to eat it. After going through security (every man and his dog got security!) went through and found my seat – middle section, six rows from the front!  And the set!  Amazing!

At the Duke’s palace

I saw my first raccoon! In Central Park! While waiting for the show to go on! It ran across the stage!! I was the only one who saw it so nobody believed men until Puck came on stage at one point and said he’d just seen the biggest raccoon!

And the show started.  AMAZING! STUPENDOUS! One of the best things I’ve ever seen!  There was dancing, there was comedy, there were fantastic colourful beautiful costumes, a glorious set, there was this most amazing beautiful black woman in a gold and black dress with the band who would come down into the stage to sing (band was in treehouse in right of pic above) – Oh my god – her voice!!!

I have to say three things:

* well worth the five hour wait for tickets

* if you ever get the chance to see the summer season take it

* take bug spray…


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